August 2, 2018


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Be Nice Clothing offers two methods of printing, depending on the clients’ customized needs. Traditionally embroidery is a trendy option to brand corporate garments with business logos. This fully computerised process can easily be done on a variety of upmarket materials, knitted or woven items and headwear.

The branding, for example a logo, is digitised into the necessary embroidery formats. Thereafter the stitching is done in threads of silk, cotton, gold or silver by a high speed industrial embroidery machine. According to Berenice the costs of embroidery depends on the complexity of the design, total stitch count and the amount of items ordered.

Screen printing however is more complex and Be Nice Clothing make use of a professional printer in Cape Town to perfect their orders. This method, where ink is applied to an item through a mesh design and then cured at a specific temperature fixing it permanently, is generally popular on certain styles of garments, bags and headwear. It also is the most fashionable, long-lasting method to brand corporate gifts. Berenice says the quality of screen printing deeply relies on the final stage where the item passes through an oven, causing the moisture of the ink to vaporise and assuring the design is everlasting.